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Cool Places In Atlanta Georgia – The World Of Coca Cola Museum

As the largest hub of the south eastern United States, Atlanta Georgia has its fair share of notable locations and fun experiences to take in. If you’re looking for one that’s sure to make a lasting impression, be sure you check out the World of Coca Cola museum. Located just across from the Centennial Olympic Park, the attraction offers an exciting place to learn about one of Atlanta’s most famous inventions, take in several interesting exhibits, and even try some interesting sodas from all over the world.

Coca Cola is undoubtedly one of the world’s most recognizable brands. It has been exported to nearly every other country in the world, making it perhaps the most well known and beloved soft drinks in the entire world. As often cited, the beverage originates from Atlanta. Therefore, there’s no better place to commemorate its history and impact on modern culture.

The most widely talked about exhibit from the museum is an area which houses numerous fountains that dispense up to 60 different flavors of soda developed by Coca Cola branches from all over the world. There’s a little something for every taste palette, with unique spins on traditional cola, sugary sweet selections that will have you jumping from the walls, refreshing fruit flavors, and some that are so bizarre that their oddity alone has made them a standout feature. One flavor in particular – the Italian made Beverly – is such a famously bitter acquired taste that many tourists standby just to watch others give it a try. It’s an interesting experience to say the least!

There are a myriad of other things to do within the museum of course, such as marvel at the full company biography, watch over a Coca Cola bottling production line, visit the torch from the 1994 Summer Olympics, and take in a fun (yet brutally teasing) look at a vault said to contain the original formula for the beverage. Naturally, it doesn’t end there. You can also grab some food, spend oodles of cash in the gift shop, and drink Coca Cola until you’re blue in the face.

With that said, be sure you schedule an afternoon at the World of Coca Cola Museum next time you’re in Atlanta Georgia. It’s a fun time for families, couples, or even solo travelers alike. Just be sure to drink plenty of water afterwards to avoid getting sick from all the soda!

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